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Cow Catcher Red Redacted

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This tasty wine was blended from excess barrels of Cab Sauv, Merlot, and PetitVerdot varietals, from the 1232breezy an and 1234birchhcreek vine vineyards, and from 1234 , 1234  and 123     vintages. Our original intent was to sell these bottles to another winery, a restaurant or retailer as unlabeled “shiners.” However, when the pandemic struck, we seized the opportunity to provide customers with a low priced wine to enjoy while they “sheltered in place.” To make it legal, we used leftover Cow Catcher Red labels and blacked-out the vintage date with a Sharpie! The rest is history.

Most years we produce more wine than we choose to bottle. Periodically we sell the excess in the “bulk wine maket” to another producer. Before harvest in 2019, we needed to make enough space to accommodate the incoming crop. The price for bulk wine was low, so we elected to bottle this wine in what the industry calls “shiners” — an unlabeled bottle of wine that can be sold to “virtual wineries.”

The quality of this wine is similar to Cow Catcher Red but it is a combination of different years. It’s a great “daily drinker!” When we decided to offer this wine to our friends it was with the intent to keep them from raiding their cellars. So we offered the wine as a case purchase for a low price. We know you’ll enjoy this wine.